MIU Diploma Update

New Diploma Design

Due to the recent name change of the university back to MIU from MUM, some MUM graduates have requested approval to get a new diploma. We are happy to announce that this is now possible.

You don’t need to get a new one. The old one is still valid. But if you want the new one, this is what it will look like [note: the cost for US residents is $50. Outside the US – $85].


How to get the new diploma

Part 1:

Go to this page,  but you don’t need to fill out the whole form.  Simply go to the bottom and make your payment type selection, depending on whether you want your diploma shipped to a US address (red arrow) or to another country (green arrow).

NOTE: You don’t have to have a Paypal account to make your payment. At the bottom of the Paypal payment page there is a grey button that says: “Pay with Debit Card or Credit Card.”



Part 2:

After you have paid for your new diploma, you need to let the following people know:



COMPRO students

Send an email to Mohanraj at Csgraduation@miu.edu

Other students

Send an email to Danella at graduation@miu.edu