MIU Alumni Social eConnections

MIU Alumni Portal

The MIU Alumni portal launched in November of 2019 and now has 991 activated members (as of 5/4/2020). Members have access to other alumni through search tools and an interactive map. They can message each other and join groups organized by year of graduation and academic interest. They can chat with group members and sponsor/join events. Coming soon – Country of origin groups.

The portal includes linksĀ  to other services such as

  • The MIU AlumCard – an Alumni Association membership card that gives discounts on purchases all over the US
  • Job skill certiification sites
  • The MIU Transcript Office
  • The MIU Career Services Office – serves Alumni as well as undergraduates
  • A Change of address form

You can find the portal here – and MIU alumni can sign in and enjoy membership benefits

Book Club

We have launched an MIU/MUM Alumni Kindle Book Club on Goodreads.com so we can join each other in reading and discussing great books of interest. We’ve picked out a first book of historical interest and current relevance: Pale Rider: The Spanish Flu of 1918 and How it Changed the World. We are emphasizing Kindle books to reduce the pressure on book delivery systems/people. Please send any book club suggestions to us at alumni@miu.edu

Sign up for the Book Club here

Spotify Lists by Graduation Year

If you go check out your class year group page on the MIU/MUM Alumni Portal you will notice that we have posted Spotify lists for each year so you can enjoy music from your graduation year. (And maybe tell us what we have missed!). You can also access the lists for every graduation year using the link below.

See Spotify Links for every year here

Rec Center Zoom Live Exercise Sessions

Zumba, aerobics, Solo Latin dancing, etc., Monday through Friday afternoons, 4-4:45 CST.

See Zoom Meeting ID’s for each day here.

MIU Webinar series

Enjoy free webinars from MIU Faculty and others

See upcoming talks here